2023 World Coin News Digital Issue No.3, March

2023 World Coin News Digital Issue No.3, March

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World Coin News, Vol. 50, No. 3, March 1, 2023

World Coin News is the No. 1 information source for the most up-to-date coin news from around the world and provides in-depth historical information from top experts in the field. 

In this issue:

- What’s New In Numismaster

- Coin Collecting Is Changing

- Cultural Property Concerns

- King Charles to Appear on Coins And Bank Notes

- Bronze Age Coins Possible

- Philippines Not Issuing 100-Peso Coins

- Mexico Currency Reform

- Coinage Modernized in Ottoman Tunisia

- The Coinage of Russia: Siberia 1763-1781

- Tyrant Collection’s Historic Mexican and Brazilian Coins at Long Beach Expo

- Coins Honor Black History Month

- Kit Coleman Writes History onto Coins

- Swiss Mint Launches Second Coin in Glacier Series

- Ukraine Steals The Show