2023 Numismatic News Digital Issue, No. 9, April 4

2023 Numismatic News Digital Issue, No. 9, April 4

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Numismatic News, Vol. 72, No. 9, April 4, 2023

Numismatic News has been the No. 1 information source for coin collectors since 1952, providing weekly reports on market trends and news concerning collectible U.S. coins and paper money.

In this issue:

-Who is Collecting Manganese, Really?

- The Seated Liberty Dime, 1853-1891

- Kellogg & Humbert Ingot Brings $138,000

- Victor D. Brenner and his Lincoln Portrait

- Coin Dealers, Collectors Are Your Boss

- Walmart.com Host of Fraudulent Bullion Coin Advertisements

- Slew of New Issues Rack Up Sales

- Metal Surge During Economic Chaos

- Susan Taylor: Honored With 2023 COTY Lifetime Achievement Award

- Attendance String at Long Beach Expo

- Maya Angelou - Poet, Writer, Fighter

- More from the Long Beach Expo

- Overlooked 1878 Indian Head Cent Tough to Find