2023 Numismatic News Digital Issue No. 15, May 30

2023 Numismatic News Digital Issue No. 15, May 30

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Numismatic News has been the No. 1 information source for coin collectors since 1952, providing weekly reports on market trends and news concerning collectible U.S. coins and paper money.

In this issue:

- Grading, Counterfeit Seminars at World’s  Fair of Money

- Fond Memories of ‘Coins’ Magazine

- 2021 Morgan Dollars Bear Privy Marks

-  When Experts Disagree on Authenticity

- Quarter for Eleanor Roosevelt

- Saints-Gaudens Statue at ANA Convention

- Inspiration Launched Into Space

- The Early Half Cents 1793-1811

- Can Dealers Keep Up With Buyers?

- Dollar, Buffalo, Medal New to Buyers

- Mutilating the Coin to Guarantee It’s Real?

- History of the United States’ Great Seal

- Use New Coin Designs to Promote Numismatics

- Lucky Finds Like Winning the Lottery

-1861 Indian Head Cent Reflects Civil War Period