2022 World Coin News Digital Issue No.12, December

2022 World Coin News Digital Issue No.12, December

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World Coin News, Vol. 49, No. 12, December 1, 2022

World Coin News is the No. 1 information source for the most up-to-date coin news from around the world and provides in-depth historical information from top experts in the field. 

In this issue:

- What’s New In Numismaster

- A Specific Moment In Time

- Royal Mint To Issue Coins Of King Charles III

- Commonwealth Ponder King Charles On Coins

- Dollars or Lollars

- Ukraine to Change Coins and Bank Notes

- Jin and Xi Coins

- Liquidity For Festival Or For Election Bid

- Railways Run Through Commemoratives

- Meteorite Crashes Into Coins

- Holiday Gift Guide

- Holiday Haul

- Arab Influence in Tunisia

- Copper Coinage of Russia

- Ancient Roman Medallion Brings $312,000 Sending Auction Over $5.6 Million

- World-Wide Coins of California Runs Mail Bid Sale

- Fabulous Gold and a COTY silver winner at Teutoburger Munzauktion