2022 Numismatic News Digital Issue No. 15, June 7

2022 Numismatic News Digital Issue No. 15, June 7

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Numismatic News has been the No. 1 information source for coin collectors since 1952, providing weekly reports on market trends and news concerning collectible U.S. coins and paper money.

In this issue:

- 2022 Coin Show and Auction Guide

- Million-Dollar Gold: Simpson Double Eagle, Ingot Star in Central States Sale

- George Morgan and His Dollar

- The Negatives of Precious Metals IRAs

- NLG Gets New Executive Director

- Collecting Platinum Eagles

- Bargain Collector: Coronet Head double eagles are where only the brave dare go 

- Coin Market at a Glance: Coin sales strong despite gold’s decline

- Item of the Week: Monroe Doctrine Centennial commemorative half dollar

- Making the Grade: Let’s cut the nonsense with coin designations

- Mint Statistics: Gold Buffalo proof hits market

- On the Scene: April show schedule reveals hobby alive and well

- Past Times with Coins: Hard times tokens reflect bank battle

- Viewpoint: Raw coin purchases come with risk

- Departments: AnnounceMints, Classifieds, Coin Clinic, Collector's Marketplace, E-Letters, Letters, Show Directory