2020 Bank Note Reporter Digital Issue No. 07, July

2020 Bank Note Reporter Digital Issue No. 07, July

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Bank Note Reporter is the No. 1 guide for paper money collectors, reporting the latest news and information on U.S notes, world bank notes, obsolete notes, and more, and is the world's largest paper money marketplace to help you find the notes you need. Each issue features helpful articles by the best collectors and researchers in the field to answer your questions and help your paper money knowledge grow, timely auction reports, and complete listings of upcoming shows.

In this issue:

- 2020 Coin Show & Auction Guide

- Older U.S. Checks and Forms Have Special Attributes

- Historic Notes on National Banks: Delaware City - a jewel on the East Coast

- Behind the Bank Note: Arnoldo Efron, expert on foreign currency, keeps an eye on current issues

- Notes from Washington: Eye-popping Wyoming red seal discoveries

- Paper Money Market: Hope for re-opening coin shows lies in Pittsburgh 

- Departments: Auction Coverage, Paper Money Market Price Guide, Show & Auction Guide