2019 Coins Magazine Digital Issue No. 02, February

2019 Coins Magazine Digital Issue No. 02, February

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Since its inception in 1955, Coins Magazine has been a hobby leader in providing collectors with important and timely information key to making wise decisions on what coins to collect and how to get them. Get market trends, buying techniques, and historical perspectives on all aspects of coins (numismatics). Each issue delivers in-depth analysis, up-to-the-minute valuations, answers to all of your coin questions, and more. 

In this issue:

- 10 Hot Buffalo Picks for Coin Buyers

- Victory at Sea: A Medal for “Old Ironsides”

- A Fistful of Affordable Gold

- Basics and Beyond: Mega Red 4th edition a Must

- Market Watch: Proof and Mint sets get Demand Boost

- Coin Finds: What Happened to the Washington Dollar?

- Departments: Coin Value Guide